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Please register yourself, children, and additional caregivers. Please also let us know of any special needs, chore restrictions, special diet requirements, or housing requests. If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact registrar Katie Riemer at (510) 684-1454 or familyweek@bacds.org.

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Camper rates for 2019 are:
 Adults (17 & over) Teens (13-16) Kids (6-12) Kids (2-5) Kids (0-1)
Late Price: Register on or after
May 1st, 2019

WORK TRADE: Adults may take a $250 and Teens may take a $200 reduction in fees in exchange for a work trade or workshop helper position. See this page for details.

*The second price is a discount price for any additional adults, after the first adult in a family group, who are not receiving a work trade discount. Work trade discounts are always taken off of the full adult price.

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Tell us about your housing preferences. Housing is assigned by age, youngest children first, to facilitate an age-group cabin-mate for each child. Every attempt will be made to accommodate housing requests. Please discuss any special needs below: Tell us about any other special needs (diet, chore restrictions, developmental or social issues, etc):

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